New higher-grade zirconia rolls with the changes

They said it couldn't be done, but Tosoh - a name long synonymous with breakthroughs in zirconia - found a way.

Introducing Zgaia™, a next-gen, higher grade zirconia powder developed to achieve a perfect balance of high fracture toughness and high bending strength that opens up a new world of applications.

Featuring a lower sintering temperature for reduced impact on the environment, products made with Zgaia™ are more resilient, versatile, and even unprecedented. Contact your Tosoh representative today to discover how Zgaia™ can change your business.

  • 1.5
    Y203: 1.5Y
  • 10
    Fracture Toughness: 10MPa•m1/2
  • 1200
    3P Bending Strength: 1200MPa
  • 1250
    Sintering Temperature: 1250°C