Chloroprene Rubber (CR) and Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene (CSM)

Tosoh USA's Specialty Polymers Line-up

  • SKYPRENE® -- Tosoh's tradename for polychloroprene rubber (CR)
  • TOSO-CSM® -- Tosoh's tradename for chlorosulphonated polyethylene (CSM)
  • Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Resins
  • extos® -- Tosoh's tradename for alkylated CSM
  • Nipolon® Hard -- Tosoh's tradename for high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

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Product Name: SKYPRENE
Generic Name: Polychloroprene Rubber (CR)
Chemical Formula / Diagram:
Product Overview: SKYPRENE polychloroprene rubbers are often specified by design engineers because of their superior properties, such as their resistance to cold, heat, abrasion, ozone, oil and chemicals.


GRADE  Type Mooney Viscosity (ML1+4 at 100ºC) Crystallization Rate  Main Applications
 B-5 Mercaptan modified
 45~53  Very slow -Wire and cable jackets
-Automotive parts
-General industrial parts
-Construction materials for buildings and public works



 43  45~53 
 Very slow -Extruded products (various hoses, window frames, etc.)
-Calendered products
 E-33    45~53 
 Y-20E    45~53 
 Y-30*    111~35 -General industrial parts for high loading
 Y-31    90~110
 Y-30H*    1,460~2,500cps*** -Adhesives for high viscosity
 R-10    40~60 (at the time  of production)  Very slow -Belts
-Wet suits
-Thread rubber
 R-22    35~55 (at the time  of production)  Medium  
 G-40S*    81~95**  Rapid -MMA graft application
-Various adhesives for construction, automobiles, shoe-making, carpentry, tiles, etc. 
 G-40S-1*    81~95**
 G-40T*    96~113**

*Chips are thinner than other grades for easy solution 
**ML1+2.5 (100ºC)
***10% toluene solution viscosity (Brookfield's viscometer, 23ºC)  

SKYPRENE Family Relationship

Not all of the above brands/grades are available at all Tosoh companies. Please contact us to learn about the availability of specific brands and grades.

Product Name: TOSO-CSM
Generic Name: Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene
Chemical Formula / Diagram:
Product Overview: TOSO-CSM is produced from polyethylene by chlorination and chlorosulphonation with chlorine and sulphur dioxide gas. Various types of TOSO-CSM are obtained according to degree of chlorination and chlorosulphonation as well as sort of polyethylene polymer. TOSO-CSM has excellent resistance against ozone, weather, oil and chemicals. And it can be colored in brilliant shades. TOSO-CSM is used for hoses of automobiles, gas and other industrial use, electric cable, rubber coatings, packings, gasket, rolls and lining, adhesives and bounding systems, etc. For goods of daily use, TOSO-CSM is used for life boats, life-jackets, windbreakers, raincoats, handrails of escalator and municipal gas hoses, etc.

Typical Properties/Grades:

Grade  Chlorine Content (%)  Sulphur Content (%)  Mooney Viscosity (ML1+4 at 100ºC)   Features  Main Application
 TS-530  35  1.0  56 Well balanced physical and processing properties -Moldings
-Electric cables
-Rubber coated cloth
-Machine parts 
 TS-430  35  1.0 
 46 Low Mooney viscosity, variation of TS-530  
 36  1.0 
 90 High Mooney viscosity, variation of TS-530 
 23  1.0 
 37 Thermoplastic (applicable without vulcanization) -Waterproof cloth
-Floor tiles
-Magnetic rubber
 43  1.1  300-500cps* -Good solubility
-Low viscosity of solution
-Oil resistance
-Paints for solid surfaces
-Oil resistant moldings
 *25% toluene solution viscosity (Brookfield's viscometer, 23ºC) 
Product Name: Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Resins
Generic Name: N/A
Chemical Formula / Diagram:
Product Overview: PPS is a unique engineering plastic material that combines many of the best properties of plastics and metals. It has high temperature resistance, exceptional chemical resistance, inherent flame resistance UL 94V-0, superior electrical properties, and outstanding precision moldability and dimensional stability.
Applications: Electrical and electronic parts - Switch bases, relay components, connectors, coil bobbins, etc.
Electrical and electronic appliance components
Automotive applications - Emission control components, lighting components, fuel system parts

Typical Properties/Grades:

  ASTM  GS-40-11 
Tensile Strength   D-638 103 psi (Mpa)   26.1 (181)
Flexural Strength   D-790 103 psi (Mpa)   39 (265)
Flexural Modulus   D-790 106 psi (Gpa)   2.2 (15)
Izot Impact Strength (notched)   D-256 ft 16f/m (J/m)   1.5 (80)
Heat Deflection Temperature   D-648º F (ºC)   >500 (>260) 
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion   D-696 10-5 in/in ºF
 (10-5 cm/cm ºC)
 1.2 (2.2)
Flammability  UL-94-  V-0
Volume Resistivity  D-257 (ohms X cm)   4x1016
Dielectric Constant  D-150  3.9

Technical Data : Susteel PPS 

                         : General / Special Grades Characteristics 

Product Name: extos
Generic Name: Alkylated Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene
Chemical Formula / Diagram:

Product Overview: extos, which has excellent dynamic and low temperature properties besides the features of conventional TOSO-CSM®, is suited for dynamic applications such as automotive belts and boots.

Typical Properties/Grades:

Grade  Chlorine Content (%)  Sulphur Content (%)  ML (1+4) 100ºC  Features  Main Applications 
 ET-8010            2630   0.70.9   4040  Excellent low temperature and dynamic properties  Dynamic uses such as automotive belts 

Product Name: Nipolon Hard
Generic Name: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Chemical Formula / Diagram: Not available
Product Overview: Nipolon Hard is often selected for its high tensile strength, hardness and excellent processing characteristics.
Applications: Blow molding - Milk bottles, detergent bottles, chemical drums, fuel tanks
Blown film - Shopping bags, food packages
Extrusion pipe - Water, oil and gas pipes, irrigation pipes
Injection molding - Industrial containers, creates, houseware, toys
Filaments - Fishing nets